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Namnlöstmmmm kopia





At Herbert Macaulay Highway junction January 2015; dressed in umbrella and warning tape. This choreography meets the audience, the ”Lagosians”
our communication is extremely physical and direct
what happens in the placement
no big movements
no strong statements
–  the issue arises, a question raised by my white legs.

-is it commercial or is it art?
Is it Masquerade?
But the body is white!

By one of the walls at the street there is a booth where a man is selling cell phones, he only got three cards sold. I blocked the commerce. The actor from the West could not distinguish the store – and the man was not there for fun. Serious salesman, one finds them everywhere in Lagos. Mobile shops, often located on the head, wandering in traffic jams. The music of commerce is the sound of the goods, a pair of scissors that klings in beat against a sewing machine … a singing woman on a closed down railway
– fifty naira razorblade, fifty naira razorblade, razorblade fifty naira – fifty naira – fifty naira …!

A poetic gesture, an intervention in the urban landscape, among people in their everyday life creates a question mark and confuses the commercial recognition we have in common globally today.