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Marie Gavois is an interdisciplinary artist, based in Stockholm and Dortmund. Her artistry materializes issues of economic power and social policy in forms of performing arts, text, music /sound and film.  Organization in labor and independence interests her. Focus is on the  performative, in which she integrates music and noise dance as well as literary formations.

She’s a member of the sound art and noise duo Sisterloops.

2015-2018 Gavois was the chair woman of Fylkingen – new music and intermedia art in Stockholm. Fylkingen serves both as the base to develop her own work as well as her role as an organizer.

2008-2012 she was an apprentice in SU-EN Butoh Company participating as a dancer and performer in many projects and exhibitions. During the four years she was as well part of the team of Frictions – international performance art festival. 2012, she interrupted the apprenticeship, to continue working independently as an artist and performer (disconnected from the Butoh training and concept, left is its memory..). Earlier she studied sculpture at Gothenburg school of art.

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Мари Гавуа – художница, работающая в области перформанса и мультидисциплинарных искусств. Живет в Стокгольме, Швеция. Ее творчество материализует вопросы экономической власти и социальной политики через формы исполнительского искусства, танца, музыки / звука и литературы. Её интересуют вопросы поэтизированной политики, труда, и независимости. Ее собственные работы часто минималистичны и сводятся к основному. В последнее время она также работает в паре с другими художниками. Занималась скульптурой и буто.

С 2013 года Гавуа является президентом Fylkingen. Fylkingen является её базой для собственного творчества и для организации проектов. Весной 2017 года она инициировала новый журнал, FYLKINGEN #TONGUES_.


Selection, exhibitions, shows, concerts


Sisterloops concert/ Stockholm Concert Hall/ Sisterloops duo
welcome to sweden/ Silence (Sound), Stockholm/ premiere solo
Chicken or pasta? she said when I fell in love with her/ 3:e Våningen, Göteborg/ Gavois Korn
Madame K. and the tourist/ premiere at Fylkingen, Stockholm/ solo
Jag skrattar ihjäl mig/ Tidningen Kulturen/ Poetry of the month/ solo
Fiskmåsarna sjunger otäcka popsånger/ Tidningen Kulturen/ Poetry of the month

Zipper Conversation #4/Künstlerhaus Dortmund/ Gavois Kor
Zipper Conversation #3/ Marabouparken, Stockholm/ Gavois Korn
Untitled reading/ C.OFF, Stockholm/ Gavois Anufrieva
Zipper Conversation #2/ Fylkingen, Stockholm/ Gavois Korn
Wild (Pussy) Cat/ Queer Noise Fest #1,/ Sisterloops duo
presentation/ Work a work workshop, Royal Academy of art, Stockholm/ solo
artistic documentation/ BLOB the Band, Köttinspektionen, Uppsala


concert by Sisterloops duo/ National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow
lecture/ National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow/ solo
concert by Sisterloops duo/ Freuds Dream Museum, St. Petersburg
Zipper Conversation #1/ GOLD+BETON, Cologne/ Gavois Korn
Seagulls exhibition/ Saasfee Pavillon, Frankfurt/
Seagulls/ Fylkingen – new music and intermedia art, Stockholm/ solo
CRASH-RIDE/ Husby konsthall, Stockholm/ Sisterloops duo
concert by Sisterloops duo/ Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm
What if I send all your love letter back in a pizza carton back to you?/ Loris Galerie, Berlin/ Gavois Korn
presentation/ documenta 14, Athens, Megaron Musikkis (GR)


IBAN melodies/ Revolve Performance Art festival, Uppsala/ Gavois Korn
My bitter History part 1./ WIP:konsthall, Stockholm/ group exhibition installation
article/ Nutida Musik, nummer 261, årgång 58 (New music Magazine)
concert by Sisterloops duo/ klubb intim° 6, Smoke Curtain, Stockholm
Knut Wiggen memorial/ with Elena Wolay, Inkonst, Malmö
Zombie, Zombie/ Salons des amateurs, Düsseldorf/ Gavois Korn

You are just a folder called love/ Upper City Center, Offenbach/ Gavois Korn/


Lagos Stockholm reading/ WIP:Konsthall, Stockholm/ solo
Besökaren, The Visitor/ Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos/
A lizard visited us for breakfast/ Skogen, Göteborg/ Gavois Korn
consumerism goes psychedelic/ Diskurs Festival 15, Giesen/ Gavois Korn
Artist in Residency/ AFiRIperFOMA, Lagos
performance art workshop/ YABA collage of art, Lagos/
Zombie/ Makroscopen, Mülheim/ Gavois Korn


Parade/ Platform, Vaasa/ performance solo
Tongues_/ Fylkingen, Stockholm/ performance solo
MA-sprawling spring/ solo performance/ Moselstrasse 45, Frankfurt/
a silent agreement to WATCH and to DO/ SECRET GARDEN VERÖND, Reykjavik/ collection Female Body in Limited Space/ Gavois Germain
Tsss… när det regnar/ PALS festival, Stockholm/ performance solo

read-cut performance/ Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn/ Gavois Korn


Rompicoglioni dance/ Galleri Detroit, Stockholm/
double reading/ Mobile Radio – Double radio Konsthall C. Stockholm/ Gavois Anufrieva
Blue horror/ Verkligheten, Umeå/ performance
Disparity and in surface/ Kulturhuset, Stockholm/ performance
who speaks who makes noise?/ Teater Galeasen, Stockholm/ Sisterloops duo
concert by Sisterloops duo/ TITWRENCH, Stockholm/

dancer, apprentice/ SU-EN Butoh Company (SE)/