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Photo: Michel Korn

contact: mariegavois[at]gmail[dot]com

Marie Gavois is an interdisciplinary artist, her artistry materializes issues of economic power and social policy in forms of  performing arts, text, music /sound and film. Organization in labor and independence interests her. Focus is on the  performative, in which she often integrates music, choreography and literary formations.
2020 – 2021 her solo work is researching the aesthetics of noise-dance and personal riot. 

She’s a member and co-founder of the performative sound art and noise duo Sisterloops, a collaboration with composer Alexandra Nilsson since 2013.
She has an ongoing collaboration with the filmmaker and  artist Michel Klöfkorn, since 2014.
2018 H a l f f l o o r, a collaboration with the artists Susanne Skog and George Kentros, podcast for sonic artworks.

2015-2018 Gavois was the chair woman of Fylkingen – new music and intermedia art in Stockholm. Fylkingen still serves both as a base to develop her own work as well as her role as an organizer.

2008-2012 she was an apprentice in SU-EN Butoh Company participating as a dancer and performer in many projects and exhibitions. During the four years she was as well part of the team of Frictions – international performance art festival. 2012, she interrupted the apprenticeship, to continue working independently as an artist and performer. Earlier she studied sculpture at Gothenburg school of art.

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Selection, exhibitions, shows, concerts

Audioblast #9 Festival, Nantes/ Sisterloops concert/ duo
Saasfee Lab, Frankfurt am Main/ Jaime’s House installation/ Gavois Klöfkorn
Dellplatz, Duisburg/ Letter to sister ERASE YOURSELF part 2/ solo

33. Filmwinter Stuttgart/ Opening performance: A Glass of Poisoned Orange Juice/ Gavois Klöfkorn
Radio Onda Rossa, Rome/ Sisterloops/ Sisterloops duo
Kunstverein Duisburg/ ich will mit den mädschen sprechen/
Fylkingen, Stockholm/ CRASH RIDE extended/ Sisterloops duo
Speicher 100, Dortmund/ A Glass of Poisoned Orange Juice EXTENDED/ Gavois Klöfkorn
Lokal Harmonie, Duisburg/ CRACKS ERASE YOURSELF part 2/ solo
An abandoned C&A shopping mall, Duisburg/ sound art camp/ Halffloor crew
Kunstverein Duisburg/
Artist in residency/ Gavois Klöfkorn

Münsterstraße 88, Dortmund/ ich will mit den mädschen sprechen/ solo
Makroscope, Mülheim an der Ruhr/ Performance/
Gavois Klöfkorn
Akadeie für Theater und Digitalitet, Dortmund/
Lecture/ Gavois Klöfkorn
Ebertplatz Sommerfest, Cologne/ Concert performance// Sisterloops duo
die Grosse, Düsseldorf/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops duo
Werkhalle, Dortmund/ ERASE YOURSELF/ solo
Werkhalle, Dortmund/ AGGRESSIVE GESTURES part 2/ curation
Eldoradio Dortmund/ Klangwelten #346/ H a l f f l o o r guest in radio
Fylkingen, Stockholm/ Halffloor world premiere/ H a l f f l o o r
Ausland Berlin/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops duo
Madame Claude Berlin/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops duo
Scherer8 Berlin/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops duo
Växjö Konsthall/ MediaArtes/ The seagulls singing nasty pop songs/ solo
Oval Office Bar, Schauspielhaus Bochum/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops duo
Künstlerhaus Dortmund/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops duo
dESTRUKTIVA, AZ Mülheim an der Ruhr/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops duo
Royal institute of Art, Stockholm research week/ The seagulls are singing nasty pop songs/ solo
Rheinische Straße 96, Dortmund/ The seagulls are singing nasty pop songs in Dortmund/ Solo + Gavois Klöfkorn

Stockholm Concert Hall/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops duo
Silence (Sound), Stockholm/ welcome to sweden/ premiere solo
3:e Våningen, Göteborg/ Chicken or pasta? she said when I fell in love with her/ Gavois Klöfkorn
Fylkingen, Stockholm/ Madame K. and the tourist/ solo
Tidningen Kulturen/ Poetry of the month/ Jag skrattar ihjäl mig/ solo
Tidningen Kulturen/ Fiskmåsarna sjunger otäcka popsånger/ solo
Künstlerhaus Dortmund/ Zipper Conversation #4/ Gavois Klöfkorn
Marabouparken, Stockholm/ Zipper Conversation #3/ Gavois Klöfkorn
C.OFF, Stockholm/ Untitled reading/ Gavois Anufrieva
Fylkingen, Stockholm/ Zipper Conversation #2/ Gavois Klöfkorn
Queer Noise Fest #1, Stockholm/ Wild (Pussy) Cat/ Sisterloops duo
Royal Academy of art, Stockholm/ Work a work workshop/ solo
BLOB the Band, Köttinspektionen, Uppsala/ article/ solo

National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops duo
National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow/ lecture/ solo
Freuds Dream Museum, St. Petersburg/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops duo
GOLD+BETON, Cologne/ Zipper Conversation #1/ Gavois Klöfkorn
Saasfee Pavillon, Frankfurt/ Seagulls exhibition/ solo
Fylkingen, Stockholm/ The seagulls are singing nasty poop songs/ solo
Husby konsthall, Stockholm/ CRASH-RIDE/ Sisterloops duo
Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm/ Concert performance/ Sisterloops duo
Loris Galerie, Berlin/ What if I send your love letters back in a pizza carton back to you?/ Gavois Klöfkorn
dOCUMENTA 14, Athens, Megaron Musikkis, Athens/ presentation/ solo


Revolve Performance Art festival, Uppsala/ Gavois Klöfkorn
WIP:konsthall, Stockholm/ group exhibition installation
Nutida Musik, nummer 261, årgång 58 (New music Magazine)/ solo
klubb intim° 6, Smoke Curtain, Stockholm/ Sisterloops duo
Inkonst, Malmö/ lecture Elena Wolay, Marie Gavois
Salons des amateurs, Düsseldorf/ Gavois Klöfkorn
Upper City Center, Offenbach/ Gavois Klöfkorn

Lagos Stockholm reading/ WIP:Konsthall, Stockholm/ solo

Besökaren, The Visitor/ Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba, Lagos/ solo
A lizard visited us for breakfast/ Skogen, Göteborg/ Gavois Klöfkorn
consumerism goes psychedelic/ Diskurs Festival 15, Giesen/ Gavois Klöfkorn
Artist in Residency/ AFiRIperFOMA, Lagos/ Gavois Klöfkorn
lecture/ performance art workshop/ YABA collage of art, Lagos/ Gavois Klöfkorn
Zombie/ Makroscope, Mülheim and der Ruhr/ Gavois Klöfkorn

Platform, Vaasa/ Parade/ performance solo
Fylkingen, Stockholm/ Tongues, performance solo performance
Moselstrasse 45, Frankfurt/ solo performance
SECRET GARDEN VERÖND, Reykjavik/  Gavois Germain
PALS festival, Stockholm/ performance solo
Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn/ Gavois Klöfkorn


Rompicoglioni dance/ Galleri Detroit, Stockholm/ solo
double reading/ Mobile Radio – Double radio Konsthall C, Stockholm/ Gavois Anufrieva
Blue horror/ Verkligheten, Umeå/ performance Solo
Disparity and in surface/ Kulturhuset, Stockholm/ performance solo
who speaks who makes noise?/ Teater Galeasen, Stockholm/ Sisterloops duo
Concert performance/ TITWRENCH, Stockholm/ Sisterloops duo


SU-EN Butoh Company (SE)/
 dancer, apprentice